It was a bright, sunny October morning. There was not a cloud in the sky. I was peaceful, yet my heart was filled with fear. As we approached the hospital in Starkville, I put on a brave face. Today I was having knee reconstruction surgery.  I continued my brave face as me and my mom made it to my room. We were waiting in room for a long time before the nurse and doctor came in.

insert in arm

Mark left knee

x left, x right


sleep, dreamland



cut left, cut right

Repair inside 

Stich and Clean Knee

Attach brace
Snail’s pace on crutches. Anesthesia finally wears off. Unbearable pain cause waterfall of tears down my face.  Leg weighs a ton. Traumatize and in fear. Homebound from school for a month because of walking sideways. Physical therapy for one year. Not fun. So much hard work. Recovered but never forgotten. Haunting scars are forever. Hard work still continues and never end.