The cello sounds pour in the air

they say the rays are nice

Rays owe us life, 

They flow down to our toes in all ventures,

For sure all agree with us 
We loss all 

They agree with us 

so we went on home.

I say a hands on game is fair

but the fact is that they see us.

I feel it is a loss 

as are eggs when they boil,

in a dark color.
Adventures? No loss cost towards us

Ten go but all miss home soil

and the eternal soul
He is not my actual dad,

Ton but few named Gus

In court he sue for money

But why go so low 

why sue me
Reggae is music to me

I would have lent it

but you’d just lose it
Lent it all to my ma 

But he tricked us

He lent us pesos instead.

In short, it is a pain

The law gave Gloria possible news at noon

At noon the boy told a lie again